Title: Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji
Fuji Sanju Rokkei

Date: 1852
Publisher: Sanoki
Format: Chuban yokoye
Number of Prints: 36/36
References: Memorial Catalogue , Strange , Stewart , van Vleck (p.102-105)
Credit: Thanks to J Noel Chiappa for sourcing this complete set of prints.

1. Sawtooth Mountain in Awa Province

2. Sea Shore in Izu Province

3. The Tanabata Festival in Edo

4. Inume Eye Pass in Kai Province

5. Otsuki Plain in Kai Province

6. Back View of Mt.Fuji from Dream Mountain in Kai Province

7. The Sea off Kanagawa

8. The Torii Promentory on Mt.Rokuso in Kazusa Province

9. The Sea at Kisarazu in Kazusa Province

10. Sea Coast by Tenjin Mountain in Kazusa Province

11. The Valley of Approach at Oyama in Sagami Province

12. The Sagami River

13. Rough Sea at Shichiri Beach in Sagami Province

14. Lake Suwa in Shinano Province

15. Konodai in Shimosa Province

16. Satta Pass in Suruga Province

17. Tago Bay in Suruga Province

18. The Fuji River in Suruga Province

19. Fuji Marsh in Suruga Province

20. Path through Rice Fields at Oiso on the Tokaido Road

21. Aoyama in the Eastern Capital

22. Mt. Asuka in the Eastern Capital

23. Edo Bridge and Nihon Bridge in the Eastern Capital

24. Eitai Bridge and Tsukuda Island in the Eastern Capital

25. Rice Fields near Kinoshita River in the Eastern Capital

26. Aquaduct Bridge in the Eastern Capital

27. The Embankment of the Sumida River in the Eastern Capital

28. Surugadai in the Eastern Capital

29. The Chiyo Promentory at Meguro in the Eastern Capital

30. The Moat Bank in the Yamashita District of the Eastern Capital

31. Below Ryogoku Bridge in the Eastern Capital

32. Lake in the Hakone Mountains

33. The Embankment at Koganei in Musashi Province

34. Tama River in Musashi Province

35. The Musashi Plain

36. The Sea off Hommoku in Musashi Province