All books are English language unless otherwise stated

The Dome - a Quarterly containing Examples of all the Arts
Published at The Unicorn Press, 26 Paternoster Square, London, Michaelmass Day MDCCCXCVII
Contains "Hiroshige: An Appreciation" by Charles Holmes
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The Heritage of Hiroshige by Dora Amsden and J. S. Happer
Paul Elder and Company, San Francisco, 1912.

Catalogue of the Memorial Exhibition of Hiroshige's Work on the 60th Anniversary of His Death by Shozaburo Watanabe
Compiled and published by S. Watanabe (Ukiyoye Association) of Tokyo in 1918. This is the English translation, in a limited edition of 275 copies, of the catalogue originally published in Japanese in 1917. It contains 182 monochrome plates, 5 in colour, and Toyokuni III's portrait of Hiroshige. The colour plates did not appear in the Japanese edition.
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The Colour-Prints of Hiroshige by Edward F. Strange
Cassell & Company London, 1925
Published as an Edition de Luxe of 250 numbered copies and as a standard trade edition.
Reprinted as 'Hiroshige's Woodblock Prints - A Guide' by Dover Publications, New York in 1983.
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Hiroshige and Japanese Landscapes by Prof. Yone Noguchi
Tourist Library 5
Board of Tourist Industry Japanese Government Railways, 1936 (2nd edition)
Online version of Chapter 1 - Life of Hiroshige

Hiroshige - Famous Views by Muneshige Narazaki
Masterworks of Ukiyo-e
Kodansha International 1968
96pp. Many colour illustrations.

Hiroshige - The 53 Stations of the Tokaido by Muneshige Narazaki
Masterworks of Ukiyo-e
Kodansha International 1969
ISBN: 0-87011-100-0

Hokusai - Hiroshige Studies in Nature by Muneshige Narazaki
Masterworks of Ukiyo-e
Kodansha International 1970
ISBN: 0-87011-103-5

A Guide to Japanese Woodblock Prints and their Subject Matter by Basil Stewart
Dover Publications Inc. New York 1979
ISBN : 0-486-23809-1
An unabridged republication of the work originally published by E. P. Dutton and Company, New York, in 1922, with the title 'Subjects Portrayed in Japanese Colour Prints'. Originally published in London by Kegan Paul in 1922.
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A Shoal of Fishes
New York Metropolitan Museum of Art/Viking Press 1980
ISBN: 0-870-99237-6
Features full color reproductions of 20 of Hiroshige's illustrations. In accordion type binding with each of the plates spaning two pages.

The Albuquerque Museum, 1983.
Catalogue of the exhibition drawn from the collection of S J Tarantino.
Contains a number of colour, more b/w and very many small b/w thumbnail illustrations for all of the 899 prints exhibited. A useful reference for identifying prints.

Hiroshige's Woodblock Prints - A Guide by Edward F. Strange
Dover Publications Inc. New York 1983
ISBN : 0-486-24412-1
An unabridged republication of 'The Colour-Prints of Hiroshige' originally published by Cassell & Company, London in 1925.
Online version
J Noel Chiappa has prepared an index of the Hiroshige series detailed in this book.

Kobijutsu - A Quarterly Review of the Fine Arts - Special Issue 3
Sansaishinsha, Tokyo March 1983
A special issue devoted to Hiroshige. Mostly in Japanese with English translations of the captions.

The Sketchbooks of Hiroshige
George Brazille, Inc.1984
ISBN : 0-8076-1499-8
Facsmile reproductions of Hiroshige's sketchbooks held in the Library of Congress Collection, Washington. With a commentary.

Hiroshige and the Utagawa School
Rijksprentenkabinet, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam 1984
Catalogue of the Japanese Prints, Volume IV.

Hiroshige: One Hundred Famous Views of Edo
George Brazille, Inc. 1986
ISBN: 0-8076-1143-3
Contains full size colour reproductions of the series 'One Hundred Views of Edo' in the collection of the Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York.
A very handsome book.

Hiroshige's Birds and Flowers
George Brazille, Inc. 1988
ISBN: 0-8076-1199-9
Contains full size colour reproductions of a selection of Hiroshige's bird and flower prints from the Abby Rockefeller Collection of Japanese Prints, Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design.
Another very handsome book.

The Edward Burr Van Vleck Collection of Japanese Prints
Elvehjem Museum of Art, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1990
ISBN: 0-932-900-24-0
Catalogue of the van Vleck collection of Japanese prints held at the Elvehjem Museum. Each print is illustrated by a small thumbnail image (6 x 4 cm for an oban print). Of the approximately 350 pages, 167 are devoted to prints by Hiroshige. A very useful reference for identifying prints.
J Noel Chiappa has prepared an index of the Hiroshige series detailed in this book.

Catalogue of the Van Gogh Museum's Collection of Japanese Prints
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Waanders Publishers, Zwolle 1991
ISBN : 90-6630-291-7

Prints by Utagawa Hiroshige in the James A Michener Collection - Volume 1
Honolulu Academy of Arts 1991
ISBN : 0-937426-13-X

The Baur Collection - Japanese Prints by Matthi Forrer
Collections Baur, Genève 1994
ISBN : 2-88031-007-5
Catalogue of the collection in two large, fully illustrated volumes. Volume two contains details of around 140 prints by Hiroshige including many tryptychs.

Hiroshige in Tokyo - The Floating World of Edo by Julian Bicknell
Pomegranate Art Books, San Francisco 1994
ISBN : 1-56640-803-2

Royal Academy of Arts, London 1997
ISBN : 3-7913-1860-8
Catalogue of the exhibition held at the Royal Academy of Arts, London from 3 July to 28 September 1997.

Hiroshige - Japan's Great Landscape Artist by Isaburo Oka
Kodansha International, 1997 (Paperback edition)
ISBN: 4-7700-2121-6
First published in 1992
96pp Many colour illustrations. Contains a complete set of the Hoeido Tokaido as smaller b/w images.

Rediscovering the Old Tokaido: In the Footsteps of Hiroshige by Patrick Carey
Global Oriental, 2000
ISBN : 1-901903-10-9
Patrick Carey walks the old Tokaido Road.

Mount Fuji - Sacred Mountain of Japan by Chris Uhlenbeck and Merel Molenaar
Hotei Publishing, Leiden 2000
ISBN : 90-74822-32-0

Hiroshige Fan Prints by Rupert Faulkner
Victoria and Albert Museum, London 2001
ISBN : 1-85177-332-0
Full colour reproductions of the 126 Hiroshige Fan Prints held in the collections of the V&A.

100 Views of Mount Fuji
British Museum, London 2001
ISBN : 0-7141-1494-4
Catalogue of the exhibition held at the British Museum, London 11 May - 29 July 2001. Includes many prints and paintings by Hokusai, Hiroshige and others.

Hiroshige: Carnets d'Esquisses
Éditions Phébus, Paris, 2001
ISBN : 2-85940-768-5
French language version of 'The Sketchbooks of Hiroshige' above. Facsmile reproductions of Hiroshige's sketchbooks held in the Library of Congress Collection, Washington

Hiroshige's Journey in the 60-odd Provinces
Hotei Publishing, Amsterdam, 2004
ISBN : 90-74822-60-6
Contains colour reproductions (23.5 x 16 cm) of the series 'Famous Views of the 60-odd Provinces', a detailed description of each print and notes on variations seen in different printings.