The Storehouse of Loyalty - Chushingura

Date: 1842-53
Publisher: Marusai
Format: Oban yokoye
Number of Prints: 6/12
References: Stewart

Act 1 Act 1
In the grounds of the Hachiman Temple looking out over the Bay of Yedo. Moronao, in high dudgeon, turning his back on Wakasa and Yenya, and walking away; Lady Kawoyo behind them looking at the retreating Moronao. Behind Wakasa grows a big tree.

Act 3 Act 3
Scene by the moat of Kamakura Castle in the early morning. Kampei defending Okaru from Bannai and his men.

Act 5 Act 5
Sadakuro, with Yoichibei's bag of money firmly held in his mouth, wipes his sword and at the same time kicks over the dead body of the old man down the slope. On the other side, at the foot of a tree-clad hill, the meeting of Yagoro and Kampei.

Act 6 Act 6
Kampei receiving Yagoro and Goyemon at the door of Yoichibei's hut. A flat landscape with low hills in the distance, and in the foreground a stream by the side of which grows a clump of bamboos, and beyond the further bank a solitary tree.

Act 7 Act 7
The tea-house scene. Yuranosuke reading the letter from Lady Kawoyo in the light of a full moon, while Okaru reads it from above by the aid of a mirror concealed in a book, and Kudayu under the veranda reading it with the aid of a large pair of spectacles.

Act 8 Act 8
The Bridal Journey. In the right foreground a porter turns to address a girl close behind him leading a horse; further along the winding road are Tonase and Konami, followed by another porter, turning to look at the great white cone of Fuji.

Act 9 Act 9
Honzo in disguise arrives at the gate of Yuranosuke's house just as Tonase prepares to take her daughter's life. A good snow scene.