The Storehouse of Loyalty - Chushingura

Date: 1845
Publisher: Fuji-kei
Format: Half-plate
Number of Prints: 6/12
References: Stewart

Act 2 Act 2
Love scene between Konami and Rikiya, her mother listening from behind a screen.

Act 3 Act 3
Okaru, escorted by one of Yenya's servants with a lantern, whom she is dismissing, arrives at the bridge over the moat, carrying a letter-box containing her mistress's answer to Moronao, and which she wishes to give to Kampei to convey to Yenya with a request to hand it to Moronao.

Act 7 Act 7
Yuranosuke, blindfolded, coming down the steps from the veranda of the tea-house, after the tea-house girls; overhead a full moon.

Act 8 Act 8
Tonase and Konami resting under the shade of a large tree overlooking the seashore, and admiring the fine view of Fuji.

Act 9 Act 9
Tonase preparing to take her daughter's life is arrested by hearing Honzo's pipe outside the gate of Yuranosuke's house.

Act 11-2 Act 11 - 2nd Episode
The ronin, headed by Yuranosuke and Rikiya, climbing up the snow-clad slope leading to their lord's tomb at Sengakuji Temple, and a priest squatting at the entrance.