The Storehouse of Loyalty - Chushingura






Oban yokoye

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Memorial Catalogue , Strange (Catalogue, Chapter VII), Stewart , van Vleck (p.185-187), Albuquerque (669-683)


Tale of the 47 Ronin
The Forty-Seven Ronin (Chinshingura)




Act I
Lady Kaoyo Mounting the Steps at Hachiman Shrine for the Identification of Her Dead Master’s Helmet, Utagawa Hiroshige


Act II
Konami Receiving Rikiya while Her Mother Watches; Honzo Holds a Pine Branch after Cutting with Wakasanosuke’s Sword, Utagawa


Bannai, Retainer of Moronao, with List of Presents to Appease Moronao, Watched by Honzo at Left, Utagawa


Act IV
Envoys from the Shogun Approach Lady Kaoyo and Group at Enya’s Castle, Bringing Sentence of Death to Enya, Lady Kaoyo Is Surrounded by Cherry Blossoms Gathered to Cheer Enya during His Incarceration, Utagawa


Act V
Yoichibei, Father of Okaru, Being Robbed of the Money from Her Sale to a Brothel


Act VI
Hunters Returning after Bringing the Body of the Murdered Yoichibei to His Cottage


Yuranosuke Dining with the Spy Kudayu at Ichiriki Brothel, Kyoto, on the Anniversary of Enya’s Death


Konami’s Bridal Journey


Act IX
Honzo’s Suicide in Front of His Family; Yuranosuke Dressed as a Komuso Making Preparations to Attack Moronao


Act X
Ronin Carrying a Basket that Conceals Yuranosuke into Gihei’s House


Act XI First Episode
Ronin Crossing a Bridge at Night on the Way to Moronao’s Castle


Act XI Second Episode
Ronin Breaking into the Inner Building of Moronao’s Castle


Act XI Third Episode
Moronao Captured and Shown Enya’s Suicide Sword by Yuranosuke


Act XI Fourth Episode
Ronin After Attack Going to Sengakuji Temple, Stopped by Soldiers of Prince of Sendai, To Be Given Refreshments


Act XI Fifth Episode
Ronin Stopped from Crossing Ryogoku Bridge by Shogun's Representative

Act XI Sixth Episode
Ronin Enter Sengakuji Temple to Pay Homage to Their Lord, Enya