The Storehouse of Loyalty - Chushingura






Oban yokoye

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Memorial Catalogue , Stewart , van Vleck (p.187)


Tale of the 47 Ronin
The Forty-Seven Ronin (Chinshingura)




Act 1
Wakasanosuke Confronts Moronao before the Entrance to the Hachiman Shrine in Kamakura


Act 2
Konami Brings Tea to Rikiya as Honzo Cuts the Branch of a Pine in Front of Wakasanosuke


Act 3
Kampei Chases a Group of Ruffians Away from Okaru before the Shogun's Palace


Act 4
Yuranosuke Swears Revenge Outside His Master's Mansion in Edo


Act 5
Sadakuro Counts the Stolen Gold


Act 6
Kampei Returns Home as Okaru is Leaving for Kyoto


Act 7
Yuranosuke Plays the Fool at the Ichiriki Teahouse in Kyoto


Act 8
Tonase and Konami Pass Mt. Fuji on Their Way to Find Rikiya


Act 9
Honzo Prepares to Commit Suicide to Atone for His Complicity in Enya's Death


Act 10
One of the Ronin Prepares to Seize Osono, Gihei's Temporarily Estranged Wife, to Cut Off Her Hair


Act 11
The Night Attack on Moronao's Mansion

Act 11, No. 2
The Ronin Remeet at the Harbor at Takanawa to Travel Toward Sengaku Temple