In a letter to Mizzi Zimmerman in 1903, Klimt describes his methods of working and daily routine at Lake Atter:

I get up early in the morning, usually at six, a little earlier, a little later - if the weather's fine, I go into the forest nearby - I paint a beech wood there (when it's sunny) with a few pines mixed in, that goes on till eight, then there's breakfast, after that a swim in the lake, as cautiously as possible - after this a bit of painting again, if it's sunny a painting of the lake, if it's dull a landscape from the window of my room - sometimes there's no morning painting, instead I study my Japanese books - outdoors. So it goes on till noon, after lunch I have a little doze or do some reading - until snack time - before or after the snack I go for a second swim, not every day but most. After the snack there's more painting - a big poplar in the twilight in a gathering thunderstorm - now and then instead of the evening painting we have a little bowls match in a village nearby - but rarely - twilight comes - supper - then early to bed and up again early next morning. Now and then there's some boating added to this timetable to shake up the muscles a bit.

From: Gustav Klimt Painter of Women (Prestel-Verlag 1999)