Wrestling Matches between Mountains and Seas
Sankai Mitate Zumo

Date: 1858
Publisher: Yamadaya
Format: Oban Yokoye
Number of Prints: 20/20
References: Memorial Catalogue, Strange, Stewart, Albuquerque (440-451), van Vleck (p110-112)

Thanks to Olivier Baumann for putting me on to a number of these images.


Mt. Yuga in Bizen Province
Bizen Yugayama

Kamewari Pass in Echigo Province
Echigo Kamewaritoge

Elephant Head Mountain in Sanuki Province
Sanuki Zozuzan

Mt. Arima in Settsu Province
Settsu Arimayama

Tonoo Pass in Echizen Province
Echizen Yunootoge

Kiyozumi Mountain in Awa Province
Awa Kiyozumiyama

Mt. Rokuso in Kazusa Province
Kazusa Kanozan

Oyama in Sagami Province
Sagami Oyama

Dragon Mountain in Harima Province
Harima Tatsuyama

Tateyama in Etchu Province
Etchu Tateyama

Sea Ports

The Mouth of the Aji River in Settsu Province
Settsu Ajikawaguchi

Kosarazu in Kazusa Province
Kazusa Kisarazu

Muronotsu in Harima Province
Harima Muronotsu

Tanoguchi in Bizen Province
Bizen Tanokuchi

Mikuni in Echizen Province
Echizen Mikuni

Niigata in Echigo Province
Echigo Niigata

Kokokuba Harbour in Etchu Province
Etuchu Kokubu Minato

Kominato in Awa Province
Awa Kominato

Uraga in Sagami Province
Sagami Uraga

Marugame in Sanuki Province
Sanuki Marugame