Catalogue of the Memorial Exhibition of Hiroshige's Work on the 60th Anniversary of His Death was compiled and published by Shozaburo Watanabe (Ukiyoye Association), Tokyo in 1917. An English translation was published as a limited edition of 275 copies in Tokyo in 1918. The book is very rare in the English language edition and since it contains what is probably the most comprehensive catalogue of the works of Hiroshige, an html version is being made available here.

In this edition, accents on the transliterated Japanese words have been omitted due to them not being present in most european character sets. Occasional obvious spelling mistakes and typographical errors have been corrected. Items illustrated in the catalogue are linked to scans taken from the catalogue. Prints named in the body of the catalogue are linked to images of prints on this site where available.

Cover and details


Exhibition in Commemoration of the Sixtieth Anniversary of the Death of Hiroshige


Thoughts and Feelings About Hiroshige's Pictures and His Biography (Mr. Minoru Uchida's Lecture)

Panegeryic Read by Mr. Yone Noguchi on the Occasion of the Exhibition

Press and Magazine Comments on the Commemorative Exhibition

Prefatory Explanations

Catalogue of the Exhibition

Items 1-16

Items 17-23

Items 24-53

Items 54-67

Items 68-85

Items 86-102

Items 103-133

Items 134-156

Items 157-186

Items 187-206

Items 207-221

Items 222-233

Items 234-236 [Hiroshige II's Works]

Items 237-265 [Illustrated Books]


Items 266-284 [Sketches, Block Copies, Proof Sheets & Woodblocks]

Items 285-297 [Autograph Paintings]

Items 298-307 [Relics and Articles of Reference]


Eras Covering the Life of Hiroshige