The 53 Stations of the Tokaido. A set of 56 with title-page. Publisher, Sanoki. Chūban yokoye. On each print is a comic poem (kyoka); hence known as the Kyoka Tokaido.

Title-page Design of chrysanthemum and kiri flowers on purple ground with title on square of blind-printed pattern and signature on tall, narrow panel, each with cloud-pattern in yellow and blue.

1. Nihon-bashi The bridge with a daimyo procession runs across the foreground. To left, the outline of Fuji rises above red bars of mist.

2. Shinagawa The village street, seen from above, is in the foreground; beyond it, to right, a point with houses and trees juts out into the bay; boats at anchor, left, and on the sky-line two sailing-boats.

3. Kawasaki In foreground, to left, a shop and group of trees; beyond is the river with ferry-boats and a sailing-boat in the centre; in distance, trees above mist and houses, right.

4. Kanagawa The road runs upward, to left, towards a tea-house and trees; right, is a man with performing monkey near a shelter; beyond, the sea with four sailingboats, and headlands, right.

5. Hodogaya In foreground, right, a tea-house with lanterns and coloured decorations; three great trees and hills beyond.

6. Totsuka The road, with dispatch-runner, passes between green slopes with pine trees (three and four) on either side; beyond, in centre, the roofs of the village and distant hills.

7. Fujisawa The torii and temple lantern are to left, on the farther bank of the stream, crossed by a small bridge, right, the village is in middle distance and beyond, to left, rise two mountain-peaks above the mist.

8. Hiratsuka In the foreground, the river with two ferry-boats; left, the village with three trees; in the distance, right, the outline of Fuji.

9. Oiso The village is in foreground on a shore fringed with pine trees. On the farther bank, to right, stretches a chain of mountains.

10. Odawara The road bends from right to left and again to right with three tall pine trees and four travellers in foreground. On the shore, beyond, fishermen are hauling in their nets.

11. Hakone Night. The road, paved with great boulders, runs steeply upward to left, with two travellers in litters and men carrying great torches. On either side, rocks with scattered pine trees.

12. Mishima Snow. A torrent, crossed by a bridge runs through the village, standing amid snow-laden trees. Beyond, in centre, the outline of Fuji.

13. Numazu The road runs along the foreground; to right, a tea-house and trees. Beyond, rice-fields and mist above which rise rugged peaks, right, and Fuji with the dragon-cloud partly seen, to left.

14. Hara The road in foreground with three houses and a group of tall trees. To right, beyond the rice-fields and mist, part of the group of peaks seen in No. 13; with Fuji encircled by the dragon-cloud in the centre, rising above the top of the panel (as in other views).

15. Yoshiwara The road, with tall pine trees, goes away from the foreground to left; beyond, in left centre, is the outline of Fuji.

16. Kambara The road with houses and a traveller in a litter passes between green slopes with, on the right, a great pine tree; other trees more distant and the snowclad peak of Fuji beyond to right, with shaped clouds.

17. Yui Travellers crossing the river by rude trestle-bridges joining up an island; beyond, to right, a round-topped hill with scattered pines and the village partly seen at its foot.

18. Okitsu Ford over the river; in the foreground, to left, coolies are taking travellers upon their shoulders. Beyond, a group of round-topped wooded hills with rocky sides.

19. Yejiri The road in foreground; to right, two great trees and a row of houses; to left, round-topped hills, with Fuji rising above clouds.

20. Fuchu Moonlight, buildings to left, with closed screens; many persons of various sorts in the street, which leads to a palisade and gate with willow trees, right. Above is the full moon.

21. Mariko The tea-house with travellers resting and refreshing is to right, one near a great tree, displaying colour-prints of actors and landscapes. To left, near a wall of masonry, is a pack-horse.

22. Okabe The road passes between steep slopes with scattered pine trees; to right is a tea-house and beyond peaks of mountains seen against white clouds.

23. Fujiyeda Travellers fording a stream; to right, an unused plank bridge. The village near the centre in a gap between dense woods.

24. Shimada A daimyo procession crossing the river; in the foreground, to right, two great litters carried by many coolies. Beyond, low hills rise above the mist, and the outline of Fuji is seen far away towards the left.

25. Kanaya Coolies gathered around a party of travellers on the bank of the river, with rafts and baggage. To left, a line of trees and above them, distant hills.

26. Nissaka Coolies with slung baggage descending the pass. On either side steep green slopes, partly wooded, and four houses to right.

27. Kakegawa The bridge, with pilgrims, crosses from the right, towards a torii, temple lantern, trees and roofs of buildings to left; to right, distant mountains.

28. Fukuroi The road with five tall pine trees passes from left to right, to left is a small hut; the village, with woods beyond, is to right.

29. Mitsuke The road descends between green slopes, with pine trees (one and two) on either side towards a ford. In the centre is a mounted traveller, and roofs of two houses to right in foreground.

30. Hamamatsu Travellers pass along the road, in foreground; on the far side is a row of houses among trees; and, beyond, to right, the castle.

31. Maisaka In the foreground, two country sailing-boats; beyond, a wall of mountain-peaks, with scattered pine trees, to right, below.

32. Arai On the quay, to left, a curtained rest-house, with daimyo insignia in a rack, and a few pine trees; to right, a group of retainers have landed from a boat; sailing-boats and distant mountains to right on farther shore.

33. Shirasuka The road passes to left from a shelter in the centre; on its right side is a row of old pine trees. Beyond, the sea and sailing-boats to right in the distance.

34. Futakawa A rain-storm; travellers running for shelter towards a workman's shed to left; in centre, a tall pine tree; beyond, to left, wooded slopes of a hill; purple clouds above.

35. Yoshida The bridge, with travellers, one mounted, crosses the left foreground towards the village. Beyond the river, with boats, the castle rises above trees, right.

36. Goyu Three pairs of coolies, carrying slung baggage with decorations, cross a bridge towards the right. The village is to left, and in the centre a green mound with a group of willow trees.

37. Akasaka On the road from the village, with pine trees on either side, a man leads a horse.

38. Fujikawa Snow-scene, with falling snow. A horseman passes through deep snow towards the village on right. Trees on either side of the road.

39. Okazaki The bridge crosses from left to right; below are a country boat and a timber-raft; the castle is on the farther bank to right, with a group of distant mountains in the centre.

40. Chiriu To left, a group of tea-houses with bamboos behind them; the inhabitants making obeisance to a daimyo procession arriving from the right.

41. Narumi The shops, displaying textiles, are left of the road; on the right in foreground is a green hill with a few pine trees.

42. Miya On a quay, to right, a torii; to left, on other side of the entrance to the harbour, a part of the castle. Country boats are at anchor near the quay.

43. Kuwana Shops on left side of street with hanging signs, etc.; in foreground, right, part of a roof and a group of travellers below.

44. Yokkaichi The bridge, with pilgrims, runs from left towards the village amid blossoming plum and other trees, to right.

45. Ishiyakushi A group of travellers with baggage-coolies halted outside an office for examination of passports, on left.

46. Shono In foreground, coolies running with a traveller in a litter; in centre, a clump of trees on a green mound. Beyond, rice-fields, the village and trees, and distant mountains; clouds in sky.

47. Kameyama The road, with pilgrims and bordered with pine trees, leads up from centre of foreground to the gate of the castle, left; behind, the profile of a high peak.

48. Seki The reception of a daimyo's procession at a tea-house, right, draped with curtains having his badge. In left foreground, two of his banner-bearers and two attendants with his robe-chests.

49. Sakanoshita Travellers admiring the view from the edge of a cliff, with pine trees, left; on the far-side of the chasm, the group of peaks and waterfall.

50. Tsuchiyama The head of the pass, with four cloaked travellers; left, a steep hill-side; right, a group of peaks with distant blue mountains in profile.

51. Minakuchi The street, with travellers forcibly accosted by women attendants from the tea-houses on the far side of the road, with advertisements. Trees beyond the houses.

52. Ishibe Interior of a tea-house, with red prunus in centre of garden-court; right, a visitor with attendants; left, two men in bath-room.

53. Kusatsu On the far side of the street, shops with coolies resting and purchasing; in left foreground, part of a roof and trees.

54. Otsu The quay-side, with houses, left, and boats at anchor; on the farther shore, distant mountains.

55. Kyo (to) The bridge goes back, in violent perspective, from the centre of the foreground, towards the city on the farther bank of the river; beyond is a wooded range, with a high mountain range in distance.

56. Kyo (to) Dairi View of the palace at Kyoto, with Court nobles and attendants, left.