Ogura Imitations of One Hundred Poems by One Hundred Poets
Ogura nazora-e Hyaku-nin isshu

Date: ~1845–48 (Kōka 2–Kaei 1)
Publisher: Ibaya Senzaburō (Dansendō)
Format: Vertical ōban
Number of Prints: 100/100
References: Stewart, Albuquerque (403-414), Kunisada Project, Boston MFA (Hiroshige), Boston MFA (Kunisada/Toyokuni), Boston MFA (Kuniyoshi), British Museum

This series comprises of 35 prints by Hiroshige, 51 by Kuniyoshi and 14 by Kunisada (signed Toyokuni).

More information about the 100 poems can be found at Ogura Hyakunin Isshu.


Kuniyoshi 1 Tenji-tenno
1 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Tenchi Tennō:
Onzōshi Ushiwakamaru
天智天皇 御曹子牛若丸
Coarse the rush-mat roof
Sheltering the harvest-hut
Of the autumn rice-field;
And my sleeves are growing wet
With the moisture dripping through.
Kuniyoshi 2 Jito-tenno
2 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Jitō Tennō:
Shiratae and Saimyō-ji Tokiyori
持統天皇 白妙 最明寺時頼
The spring has passed
And the summer come again;
For the silk-white robes,
So they say, are spread to dry
On the Mount of Heaven's Perfume.
Kuniyoshi 3 Kakinomoto no Hitomaro
3 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Kakinomoto no Hitomaro:
Kaga no Chiyo
柿本人麿 加賀千代
Oh, the foot-drawn trail
Of the mountain-pheasant's tail
Drooped like down-curved branch!
Through this long, long-dragging night
Must I lie in bed alone?
Kuniyoshi 4 Yamabe no Akahito
4 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Yamabe no Akahito

When I take the path
To Tago's coast, I see
Perfect whiteness laid
On Mount Fuji's lofty peak
By the drift of falling snow.
Kuniyoshi 5 Sarumaru-dayu
5 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Sarumaru Tayū:
Soga Hakoōmaru
猿丸大夫 曽我箱王丸
In the mountain depths,
Treading through the crimson leaves,
The wandering stag calls.
When I hear the lonely cry,
Sad--how sad!--the autumn is.
Hiroshige 6 Chunagon (Otomo no) Yakamochi
6 Hiroshige
Poem by Chūnagon Yakamochi:
The Ibaraki Demon (Ibaraki no keshin)
中納言家持 いばらきの化身 渡辺源二綱
If I see that bridge
That is spanned by flights of magpies
Across the arc of heaven
Made white with a deep-laid frost,
Then the night is almost past.
Kuniyoshi 7 Abe Nakamaro
7 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Abe no Nakamaro:
Nagoya Sanzaburō
安部仲麻呂 名古屋山三郎
When I look up at
The wide-stretched plain of heaven,
Is the moon the same
That rose on Mount Mikasa
In the land of Kasuga?
Kuniyoshi 8 Kisen-hoshi
8 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Kisen Hōshi:
Nyūdō Yorimasa
喜撰法師 入道頼政
My lowly hut is
Southeast from the capital.
Thus I choose to live.
And the world in which I live
Men have named a Mount of Gloom.
Hiroshige 9 Ono no Komachi
9 Hiroshige
Poem by Ono no Komachi:
Sonobe Saemon
小野小町 園部左衛門
Color of the flower
Has already faded away,
While in idle thoughts
My life passes vainly by,
As I watch the long rains fall.
Kuniyoshi 10 Semimaru
10 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Semimaru:
Nuregami Chōgorō
蝉丸 濡髪長五郎
Truly, this is where
Travelers who go or come
Over parting ways--
Friends or strangers--all must meet:
The gate of Meeting Hill.
Kuniyoshi 11 Sangi Takamaru
11 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Sangi Takamura:
The Diving Woman of Shiga and Minamoto Yoshitsune
参議篁 滋賀の蜑 源義経
Over the wide sea
Towards its many distant isles
My ship sets sail.
Will the fishing boats thronged here
Proclaim my journey to the world?
Hiroshige 12 Sojo Henjo
12 Hiroshige
Poem by Sōjō Henjō:
The Shirabyōshi Dancer Hotoke Gozen
僧正遍照 白拍子仏御前
Let the winds of heaven
Blow through the paths among the clouds
And close their gates.
Then for a while I could detain
These messengers in maiden form.
Kuniyoshi 13 Yozei-in
13 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Yōzei-in:
陽成院 鬼若丸
From Tsukuba's peak
Falling waters have become
Mina's still, full flow:
So my love has grown to be
Like the river's quiet deeps.
Kuniyoshi 14 Kawara-no-sadaijin (Minamotu no Toro)
14 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Kawara no Sadaijin:
The Madwoman with the Letter (Fumihiroge kyōjo)
河原左大臣 文ひろげの狂女
Like Michinoku prints
Of the tangled leaves of ferns,
It is because of you
That I have become confused;
But my love for you remains.
Hiroshige 15 Koko-tenno
15 Hiroshige
Poem by Kōkō Tennō:
Tomoe Gozen
光孝天皇 巴御前
It is for your sake
That I walk the fields in spring,
Gathering green herbs,
While my garment's hanging sleeves
Are speckled with falling snow.
Kuniyoshi 16 Chunagon Ariwara no Yukihira
16 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Chūnagon Yukihira:
Matsuōmaru's Wife and Her Son Kotarō
中納言行平 松王丸妻 小太郎
Though we are parted,
If on Mount Inaba's peak
I should hear the sound
Of the pine trees growing there,
I'll come back again to you.
Kuniyoshi 17 Ariwara no Nari-hira ason
17 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Ariwara Narihira Ason:
Lu Zhishen, the Tattooed Priest (Kaoshō Rochishin)
在原業平朝臣 花和尚魯知深
Even when the gods
Held sway in the ancient days,
I have never heard
That water gleamed with autumn red
As it does in Tatta's stream
Hiroshige 18 Fujiwara no Toshiyuki Ason
18 Hiroshige
Poem by Fujiwara Toshiyuki Ason:
藤原敏行朝臣 阿古屋
The waves are gathered
On the shore of Sumi Bay,
And in the gathered night,
When in dreams I go to you,
I hide from people's eyes.
Kuniyoshi 19 Ise
19 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Ise:
Masaemon's Wife Otani
伊勢 正右エ門妻お谷
Even for a time
Short as a piece of the reeds
In Naniwa's marsh,
We must never meet again:
Is this what you are asking me?
Kuniyoshi 20 Motoyoshi-shinno
20 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Motoyoshi Shinnō:
Yu Rang of Jin (Shin no Yojō)
元良新王 晋の豫譲
In this dire distress
My life is meaningless.
So we must meet now,
Even though it costs my life
In the Bay of Naniwa.
Hiroshige 21 Sosei-hoshi
21 Hiroshige
Poem by Sosei Hōshi:
Shinobu Sōta and Umewakamaru
素性法師 信夫惣太 梅若丸
Just because she said,
In a moment I will come,
I've awaited her
Until the moon of daybreak,
In the long month, has appeared.
Kuniyoshi 22 Bunya (Fumiya) no Yasuhide
22 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Bun'ya no Yasuhide:
Tenji no Tsubone and Antoku Tennō
文屋康秀 安徳天皇 典伺の局
It is by its breath
That autumn's leaves of trees and grass
Are wasted and driven.
So they call this mountain wind
The wild one, the destroyer.
Kuniyoshi 23 Oe no Chisato
23 Kuniyoshi
Poem by ōe no Chisato:
The Shirabyōshi Dancer Giō
大江千里 白拍子祇王
As I view the moon,
Many things come into my mind,
And my thoughts are sad;
Yet it's not for me alone,
That the autumn time has come.
Hiroshige 24 Kanke (Sugawara no Michizane)
24 Hiroshige
Poem by Kanke (Sugawara Michizane):
菅家 高雄
At the present time,
Since I could bring no offering,
See Mount Tamuke!
Here are brocades of red leaves,
As a tribute to the gods.
Kuniyoshi 25 Sanjo-udaijin (sadakata)
25 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Sanjō Udaijin:
Kaidōmaru and Urabe Suetake
三条右大臣  怪童丸 卜部季末武
If your name is true,
Trailing vine of Meeting Hill,
Isn't there some way,
Hidden from people's gaze,
That you can draw her to my side?
Kuniyoshi 26 Teishin-ko (Tadahira)
26 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Sadanobu kō:
Gion nyōgo
貞信公 祇園女御
If the maple leaves
On Ogura mountain
Could only have hearts,
They would longingly await
The emperor's pilgrimage.
Hiroshige 27 Chunagon Kanesuke
27 Hiroshige
Poem by Chūnagon Kanesuke:
The Fox Kuzunoha and the Abe Baby
(Kitsune Kuzunoha, Abe dōji)
中納言兼輔 狐葛の葉 安部童子
Over Mika's plain,
Gushing forth and flowing free,
Is Izumi's stream.
I do not know if we have met:
Why, then, do I long for her?
Kuniyoshi 28 Minamoto no Muneyuki Ason
28 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Minamoto no Muneyuki Ason:
Kanesuke Gorō Imakuni
源宗于朝臣 金輔五郎今国
Winter loneliness
In a mountain village grows
Only deeper, when
Guests are gone, and leaves and grass
Are withered: troubling thoughts.
Kuniyoshi 29 Oshikochi no Mitsune
29 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Oshikōchi no Mitsune:
凡河内躬恒 白菊丸
If it were my wish
To pick the white chrysanthemums,
Puzzled by the frost
Of the early autumn time,
I by chance might pluck the flower.
Hiroshige 30 Mibu no Tadamine
30 Hiroshige
Poem by Mibu no Tadamine:
Kakuju and Kariya-hime
壬生忠岑 覚寿 かりや姫
Like the morning moon,
Cold, unpitying was my love.
And since we parted,
I dislike nothing so much
As the breaking light of day.
Kuniyoshi 31 Sakanoue no Korenori
31 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Sakanoe Korenori:
Satō Tadanobu
坂上是則 佐藤忠信
At the break of day,
Just as though the morning moon
Lightened the dim scene,
Yoshino's village lay
In a haze of falling snow.
Kuniyoshi 32 Harumichi no Tsuraki
32 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Harumichi no Tsuraki:
Kinugawa Yoemon
春道列樹 絹川与右エ門
In a mountain stream
There is a wattled barrier
Built by the busy wind.
Yet it's only maple leaves,
Powerless to flow away.
Hiroshige 33 Ki no Tomonoti
33 Hiroshige
Poem by Ki no Tomonori:
The Madwoman of Mii Temple
(Mii-dera no kyōjo)
紀友則 三井寺狂女
(The Madwoman of Mii Temple)
In the peaceful light
Of the ever-shining sun
In the days of spring,
Why do the cherry's new-blown blooms
Scatter like restless thoughts?
Kuniyoshi 34 Fujiwara no Okikaze
34 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Fujiwara no Okikaze:
Higuchi Jirō Kanemitsu
藤原奥風 樋口次郎兼光
Who is still alive
When I have grown so old
That I can call my friends?
Even Takasago's pines
No longer offer comfort.
Kuniyoshi 35 Ki no Tsurayuki
35 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Ki no Tsurayuki:
Karukaya Dōshin and Ishidōmaru
紀貫之 刈萱道心 石働丸
The depths of the hearts
Of humankind cannot be known.
But in my birthplace
The plum blossoms smell the same
As in the years gone by.
Hiroshige 36 Kiyowara no Fukayabu
36 Hiroshige
Poem by Kiyowara no Fukayabu:
Itō's Daughter Tatsu-hime and Hyōenosuke Yoritomo
清原深養父 伊藤娘辰姫 兵衛佐頼朝
In the summer night
The evening still seems present,
But the dawn is here.
To what region of the clouds
Has the wandering moon come home?
Kuniyoshi 37 Fumiya (Bunya) no Asayasu
37 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Bun'ya no Asayasu

In the autumn fields
When the heedless wind blows by
Over the pure-white dew,
How the myriad unstrung gems
Are scattered everywhere around
Kuniyoshi 38 Ukon
38 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Lady Ukon

Though he forsook me,
For myself I do not care:
He made a promise,
And his life, who is forsworn,
Oh how pitiful that is.
Hiroshige 39 Sangi Hitoshi
39 Hiroshige
Poem by Sangi Hitoshi:
Sōgen (=Seigen)
参議等 宗玄
Bamboo growing
Among the tangled reeds
Like my hidden love:
But it is too much to bear
That I still love her so.
Hiroshige 40 Taira no Kanemori
40 Hiroshige
Poem by Taira no Kanemori:
Iga no Tsubone
平兼盛 伊賀局
Though I would hide it,
In my face it still appears--
My fond, secret love.
And now he questions me:
Is something bothering you?
Kuniyoshi 41 Mibu no Tadami
41 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Mibu no Tadami

It is true I love,
But the rumor of my love
Had gone far and wide,
When people should not have known
That I had begun to love.
Hiroshige 42 Kiyowara no Motosuke
42 Hiroshige
Poem by Kiyohara no Motosuke:
清原元輔 わん久
Our sleeves were wet with tears
As pledges that our love--
Will last until
Over Sue's Mount of Pines
Ocean waves are breaking.
Hiroshige 43 Chunagon Atsutada
43 Hiroshige
Poem by Chūnagon Atsutada:
中納言敦忠 建礼門院
I have met my love.
When I compare this present
With feelings of the past,
My passion is now as if
I have never loved before.
Kuniyoshi 44 Chunagon Asatada
44 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Chūnagon Asatada:
Endō Musha Moritō
中納言朝忠 遠藤武者盛遠
If it should happen
That we never met again,
I would not complain;
And I doubt that she or I
Would feel that we were left alone.
Hiroshige 45 Kentoku-ko
45 Hiroshige
Poem by Kentoku-kō:
Yaoya Oshichi
謙徳公 八百屋お七
Surely there is none
Who will speak a pitying word
About my lost love.
Now my folly's fitting end
Is my own nothingness.
Hiroshige 46 Sone no Yoshitada
46 Hiroshige
Poem by Sone no Yoshitada:
Usuyuki-hime and the Ferryman (watashimori)
曽祢好忠 薄雪姫 渡し守
Like a mariner
Sailing over Yura's strait
With his rudder gone:
Where, over the deep of love,
The end lies, I do not know.
Kuniyoshi 47 (Y)ekyo-hoshi
Poem by Ekō Hōshi:
Heishōkoku Kiyomori
恵慶法師 平相国清盛
To the dim cottage
Overgrown with thick-leaved vines
In its loneliness
Comes the dreary autumn time:
But there no people come.
Hiroshige 48 Minamoto no Shigeyuki
48 Hiroshige
Poem by Minamoto Shigeyuki:
The Maidservant Okiku
(Koshimoto Okiku)
源重之 こしもとお菊
Like a driven wave,
Dashed by fierce winds on a rock,
So am I: alone
And crushed upon the shore,
Remembering what has been.
Kuniyoshi 49 Onakatomi no Yoshinobu ason
49 Kuniyoshi
Poem by ōnakatomi no Yoshinobu Ason:
Kamiya Niemon
大中臣能宣朝臣  神谷仁右エ門
Like the guard's fires
Kept at the imperial gateway--
Burning through the night,
Dull in ashes through the day--
Is the love aglow in me.
Kuniyoshi 50 Fujiwara no Yoshitaka
50 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Fujiwara Yoshitaka:
Guan Yu (Kan'u)
藤原義孝 関羽
For your precious sake,
Once my eager life itself
Was not dear to me.
But now it is my heart's desire
It may long, long years endure.
Hiroshige 51 Fujiwara no Sanekata ason
51 Hiroshige
Poem by Fujiwara Sanekata Ason:
Shigeuji's Wife and Chidori no mae
藤原実方朝臣 重氏御代 千鳥の前
How can I tell her
How fierce my love for her is?
Will she understand
That the love I feel for her
Burns like Ibuki's fire plant?
Toyokuni 52 Fujiware no Michinobu ason
52 Toyokuni
Poem by Fujiwara Michinobu Ason:
Oyone and Taheiji
藤原道信朝臣 およね 太平次
Though I know indeedv That the night will come again
After day has dawned,
Still, in truth, I hate the sight
Of the morning's coming light.
Kuniyoshi 53 Udaisho Michitsuna no haha
53 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Udaishō Michitsuna's Mother:
Fujiya Izaemon
右大将道綱母 藤屋伊左エ門
Lying all alone,
Through the hours of the night,
Till the daylight comes:
Can you realize at all
The emptiness of that night?
Hiroshige 54 Gido-sanshi no haha
54 Hiroshige
Poem by the Mother of Gidō Sanshi:
Otowa and Inagaki Jirokichi
儀同三司母 おとわ 稲垣次郎吉
If remembering me
Will for him in future years
Be too difficult,
It would be well this very day
That I should end my life.
Kuniyoshi 55 Dainagon Kinto
55 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Dainagon Kintō:
大納言公任 雪姫
Though the waterfall
Ceased its flowing long ago,
And its sound is stilled,
Yet, in name it ever flows,
And in fame may yet be heard.
Kuniyoshi 56 Izumi-shikibu
56 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Izumi Shikibu:
Akushichibyōe Kagekiyo
和泉式部 悪七兵衛景清
Soon my life will close.
When I am beyond this world
And have forgotten it,
Let me remember only this:
One final meeting with you.
Hiroshige 57 Murasaki Shikibu
57 Hiroshige
Poem by Murasaki Shikibu:
Isami Tomokichirō and Rokuya Ongundayū
紫式部 勇供吉郎 鹿野苑軍太夫
Meeting on the path:
But I cannot clearly know
If it was he,
Because the midnight moon
In a cloud had disappeared
Toyokuni 58 Daini-sammi (Katako, daughter of Nobutaka)
58 Toyokuni
Poem by Daini no Sanmi:
Yokoyama Tarō and His Wife Asaka
大弐三位 横山太郎 妻浅香
As Mount Arima
Sends its rustling winds across
Ina's bamboo plains,
I will be just as steadfast
And never will forget you.
Kuniyoshi 59 Akazome-emon
59 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Lady Akazome Emon

Better to have slept
Care-free, than to keep vain watch
Through the passing night,
Till I saw the lonely moon
Traverse her descending path.
Hiroshige 60 Koshikibu-no-naishi
60 Hiroshige
Poem by Koshikibu no Naishi:
小式部内伺 はつ女
By Oe Mountain
The road to Ikuno
Is far away,
And neither have I beheld
Nor crossed its bridge of heaven.
Kuniyoshi 61 Ise-no-tayu
61 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Lady Ise no Osuke

Eight-fold cherry flowers
That at Nara--ancient seat
Of our state--have bloomed,
In our nine-fold palace court
Shed their sweet perfume today.
Toyokuni 62 Sei-shonagon
62 Toyokuni
Poem by Sei Shōnagon:
Hangandai Terukuni and Kanshōjō (Sugawara Michizane)
清少納言 判官代輝国 菅相丞
The rooster's crowing
In the middle of the night
Deceived the hearers;
But at Osaka's gateway
The guards are never fooled.
Hiroshige 63 Sakyo-no-tayu Michimasa
63 Hiroshige
Poem by Fujiwara no Michimasa

Is there any way
Except by a messenger
To send these words to you?
If I could, I'd come to you
To say goodbye forever.
Kuniyoshi 64 Gon-chunagon Sadayori
64 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Gon Chūnagon Sadayori:
The Maidservant Chidori (Koshimoto Chidori)
権中納言定頼 こし元千鳥
In the early dawn
When the mists on Uji River
Slowly lift and clear,
From the shallows to the deep,
The stakes of fishing nets appear.
Kuniyoshi 65 Sagami
65 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Sagami:
Okiku and Kyōgoku Takumi
相模 おきく 京極内匠
Even when your hate
Makes me stain my sleeves with tears
In cold misery,
Worse than hate and misery
Is the loss of my good name.
Hiroshige 66 Dai-sojo Gyoson
66 Hiroshige
Poem by Daisōjō Gyōson:
大僧行尊 久我之助
On a mountain slope,
Solitary, uncompanioned,
Stands a cherry tree.
Except for you, lonely friend,
To others I am unknown.
Toyokuni 67 Suo-no-naishi
67 Toyokuni
Poem by Suō no Naishi:
Shirai Gonpachi
周防内使 白井権八
If I lay my head
Upon his arm in the dark
Of a short spring night,
This innocent dream pillow
Will be the death of my good name.
Kuniyoshi 68 Sanjo-in
68 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Sanjō-in:
三条院 法界坊
Though I do not want
To live on in this floating world,
If I remain here,
Let me remember only
This midnight and this moonrise.
Hiroshige 69 Noin-hoshi (Tachibana no Nagayasu)
69 Hiroshige
Poem by Nōin Hōshi:
Tatsuta no mae and Sukune Tarō
能因法師 立田の前 宿祢太郎
By the wind storm's blast
From Mimuro's mountain slopes
Maples leaves are torn,
Which turn Tatsuta River
Into a rich brocade.
Toyokuni 70 Kyozen-hoshi
70 Toyokuni
Poem by Ryōzen Hōshi:
Ishidome Busuke and His Sister Ohana
良暹法師 石留武助 妹於花
In my loneliness
I leave my little hut.
When I look around,
Everywhere it is the same:
One lone, darkening autumn eve.
Kuniyoshi 71 Dainagon Tsunenobu
71 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Dainagon Tsunenobu:
Akogi Heiji and Hiragawara Jirozō
大納言経信 阿古義平次 平河原次郎蔵
When the evening comes,
From the rice leaves at my gate,
Gentle knocks are heard,
And, into my round rush-hut,
Enters autumn's roaming breeze.
Hiroshige 72 Yushi-naishinno-ke Kii
72 Hiroshige
Poem by Lady Kii

Famous are the waves
That break on Takashi beach
In noisy arrogance.
If I should go near that shore.
I would only wet my sleeves.
Kuniyoshi 73 Gon-chunagon Masafusa
73 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Oe no Masafusa

On that far mountain
On the slope below the peak
Cherries are in flower.
Oh, let the mountain mists
Not arise to hide the scene.
Toyokuni 74 Minamoto no Toshiyiri
74 Toyokuni
Poem by Minamoto Toshiyori Ason:
Narukami Shōnin and Kumo no Taema
源俊頼朝臣 鳴神上人 雲のたへま
It was not for this
I prayed at the holy shrine:
That she would become
As pitiless and as cold
As the storms on Hase's hills.
Hiroshige 75 Fujiwara no Mototoshi
75 Hiroshige
Poem by Fujiwara no Mototoshi:
藤原基俊 梅川
As dew promises
New life to the thirsty plant,
So did your vow to me.
Yet the year has passed away,
And autumn has come again.
Kuniyoshi 76 Hoshoji-nyudo Saki-no-kam-paku Dajodaijin (Tadamichi)
76 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Fujiwara no Tadamichi

Over the wide sea
As I sail and look around,
It appears to me
That the white waves, far away,
Are the ever shining sky.
Toyokuni 77 Sutoku-in
77 Toyokuni
Poem by Emperor Sutoku

Though a swift stream is
Divided by a boulder
In its headlong flow,
Though divided, on it rushes,
And at last unites again.
Hiroshige 78 Minamoto no Kanemasa
78 Hiroshige
Poem by Minamoto no Kanemasa

Guard of Suma Gate,
From your sleep, how many nights
Have you awakened
At the cries of sanderlings,
Flying from Awaji Island?
Kuniyoshi 79 Sakyo-no-tayu Akisuke
79 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Fujiwara no Akisuke

See how clear and bright
Is the moonlight finding ways
Through the riven clouds
That, with drifting autumn wind,
Gracefully float in the sky.
Toyokuni 80 Taikemmon-in Horikawa
80 Toyokuni
Poem by Lady Horikawa

Is it forever
That he hopes our love will last?
He did not answer.
And now my daylight thoughts
Are as tangled as my black hair.
Hiroshige 81 Go-tokudaiji sadaijin
81 Hiroshige
Poem by Fujiwara no Sanesada

When I turned my look
Toward the place where I had heard
The cuckoo's call,
The only thing I found
Was the moon of early dawn.
Kuniyoshi 82 Doin-hoshi (Atsuyori)
82 Kuniyoshi
Poem by The Monk Doin

Though in deep distress
Through your cruel blow, my life
Still is left to me.
But I cannot keep my tears;
They break forth from my grief.
Toyokuni 83 Kotai-kogu-no-tayu Toshinari
83 Toyokuni
Poem by Fujiwara no Toshinari

From this world I think
That there is nowhere to escape.
I wanted to hide
In the mountains' farthest depths;
But there I hear the stag's cry.
Hiroshige 84 Fujiwara no Kiyosuke ason
84 iroshige
Poem by Fujiwara no Kiyosuke

If I should live long,
Then perhaps the present days
May be dear to me,
Just as past time filled with grief
Comes quietly back in thought.
Kuniyoshi 85 Shun-e-hoshi
85 Kuniyoshi
Poem by The Monk Shun'e

Through an unsleeping night
Longingly I pass the hours,
While the day's dawn lags.
And now the bedroom shutters
Are keeping light and life from me.
Toyokuni 86 Saigyo-hoshi (Sato Norikiyo)
86 Toyokuni
Poem by The Monk Saigyo

Should I blame the moon
For bringing forth this sadness,
As if it pictured grief?
Lifting up my troubled face,
I regard it through my tears.
Hiroshige 87 Jakuren-hoshi (Sadanaga)
87 Hiroshige
Poem by The Monk Jakuren

An autumn eve:
See the valley mists arise
Among the fir leaves
That still hold the dripping wet
Of the chill day's sudden showers.
Kuniyoshi 88 Kokamon-in no getto
88 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Kōkamon'in no Bettō:
Ashigaru Ichiemon
皇加門院別当 足軽市右エ門
After one brief night--
Short as a piece of the reeds
Growing in Naniwa bay--
Must I forever long for him
With my whole heart, till life ends?
Toyokuni 89 Shikishi-naishin-no
89 Toyokuni
Poem by Shikishi Naishinnō:
Hisamatsu and Osome
式子内新王 久松 おそめ
Like a string of gems
Grown weak, my life will break now;
For if I live on,
All I do to hide my love
May at last grow weak and fail.
Hiroshige 90 Impumon-innoosuke
90 Hiroshige
Poem by Attendant to Empress Inpu

Let me show him these!
Even the fishermen's sleeves
On Ojima's shores,
Though wet through and wet again,
Do not so change their colors.
Kuniyoshi 91 Go-Kyogoku-sessho saki-no-dajodaijin
91 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Fujiwara no Yoshitsune

In my cold bed,
Drawing close my folded quilt,
I sleep alone,
While all through the frosty night
I hear a cricket's lonely sound.
Toyokuni 92 Nijo-in-Sanuki
92 Toyokuni
Poem by Lady Sanuki

Like a rock at sea,
At ebb-tide hidden from view,
Is my tear-drenched sleeve:
Never for a moment dry,
And no one knows it is there.
Hiroshige 93 Kamakura-udaijin (Sanetomo)
93 Hiroshige
Poem by Minamoto no Sanetomo

If only our world
Could be always as it is!
How moving the sight
Of the little fishing boat
Drawn by ropes along the bank.
Kuniyoshi 94 Sangi Masatsune
94 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Fujiwara no Masatsune

From Mount Yoshino
Blows a chill, autumnal wind.
In the deepening night
The ancient village shivers:
Sounds of beating cloth I hear.
Toyokuni 95 Saki-no-daisojo (Jichin)
95 Toyokuni
Poem by Abbot Jien

From the monastery
On Mount Hiei I look out
On this world of tears,
And though I am unworthy,
I shield it with my black sleeves.
Hiroshige 96 Nyudo Saki-no-dajodaijin (Saionji Kintsune)
96 Hiroshige
Poem by Fujiwara no Kintsune

Not the snow of flowers,
That the hurrying wild wind whirls
Round the garden court:
What withers and falls away
In this place is I myself.
Kuniyoshi 97 Gonchunagon Sadaie
97 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Fujiwara no Sadaie, Fujiwara no Teika

Like the salt sea-weed,
Burning in the evening calm.
On Matsuo's shore,
All my being is aflame,
Awaiting her who does not come.
Toyokuni 98 Junii letaka
98 Toyokuni
Poem by Fujiwara no Ietaka

To Nara's brook comes
Evening, and the rustling winds
Stir the oak-trees' leaves.
Not a sign of summer left
But the sacred bathing there.
Hiroshige 99 Go-toba-no-in
99 Hiroshige
Poem by Emperor Gotoba

For some men I grieve;
Some men are hateful to me;
And this wretched world
To me, with all my sadness,
Is a place of misery.
Kuniyoshi 100 Juntoku-in
100 Kuniyoshi
Poem by Emperor Juntoku

In this ancient house,
Paved with a hundred stones,
Ferns grow in the eaves;
But numerous as they are,
My old memories are more.

Famous Restaurants from the Eastern Capital
Toto Komei Kaiseki Zukushi

Date: 1852-53
Publisher: Fujiokaya Keijirō (Shōrindō)
Format: Vertical ōban
Number of Prints: 50/50
References: Ukiyo-e shūka 14 (p.251 #48), Kunisada Project, Boston MFA

This series was designed by Hiroshige and Kunisada. The prints have a landscape and still-life by Hiroshige (above), and an actor in a stage role by Kunisada (below). Further details about this series are available at the Kunisada Project.


p.251 #48.1
The Sagami Restaurant in Honjo Tatekawa: (Actor Onoe Kikugorō IV as) Sagami
「さがみ 本所立川」 四代目尾上菊五郎
p.251 #48.2
View from the Upper Floor of the Aoyagi Restaurant: (Actor Arashi Rikan III as) Ono no Michikaze
「青柳楼上眺望 小野道風」 三代目嵐璃寛
p.251 #48.3
The Iseta Restaurant: (Actor Ichikawa Danjūrō VIII as) Fukuoka Mitsugi
「いせ太 福岡貢」 八代目市川団十郎
p.251 #48.4
The Uehan Restaurant: (Actor Matsumoto Kōshirō VI as) Sarujima Sōta
「植半 猿島惣太」 六代目松本幸四郎
p.251 #48.5
The Uosen Restaurant: (Actor Bandō Shūka I as) Mikazuki Osen
「魚仙 三日月おせん」 初代坂東しうか
p.251 #48.6
The Uota Restaurant: (Actor Ichikawa Ebizō V as) Tarōzaemon
「魚太 太郎左衛門」 五代目市川海老蔵
p.251 #48.8
The Umegawa Restaurant at Yanagibashi in Ryōgoku: (Actor Sawamura Chōjūrō V [?] as) Chūbei
「梅川 両国柳はし 忠兵衛」<5> 沢村長十郎
p.251 #48.9
The Umenoki Restaurant: (Actor Suketakaya Takasuke III as) Kan Shōjō
「梅の木 菅相丞」 三代目助高屋高助(五代目沢村長十郎)
p.251 #48.44
The Ebiya Restaurant: (Actor Ichikawa Danjūrō VIII as) Ebizako no Jū
「海老屋 海老ざこの十」 八代目市川団十郎
p.251 #48.11
The En'entei Resturant: (Actor Suketakaya Takasuke III as) Nagoya Sanza
「燕ゝ亭 名古屋山三」 三代目助高屋高助(五代目沢村長十郎)
p.251 #48.16
The Ōgiya Restaurant: (Actor Ichikawa Ebizō V) as Kumagai Naozane
「扇屋 熊谷直実」 五代目市川海老蔵
p.251 #48.17
The Okina-an Restaurant: (Actor Ichimura Uzaemon XII as) Okina in Shikisanbasō
「式三番之内 翁 江戸橋日本橋 翁庵」 十二代目市村羽左衛門
p.251 #48.12
The Ogura-an Restaurant: (Actor Suketakaya Takasuke III as) Ume no Yoshibei
「小倉菴 梅の由兵衛」 三代目助高屋高助(五代目沢村長十郎)
p.251 #48.22
The Kayabachō Restaurant: (Actor Arashi Rikan III as) Kuzunoha
「葛の葉 茅場丁」 三代目嵐璃寛
p.251 #48.18
The Kaneko Restaurant: (Actor Ichikawa Danjūrō VIII as) Sukeroku
「金子 助六」 八代目市川団十郎
p.251 #48.19
The Kawaguchi Restaurant: (Actor Bandō Hikosaburō IV as) Jinbei
「川口 甚平衛」 四代目坂東彦三郎
p.251 #48.20
The Kawachō Restaurant: (Actor Ichikawa Ebizō V as) Kakuju
「河長 かく寿」 五代目市川海老蔵
p.251 #48.
The Kawabatatei Restaurant: (Actor Bandō Shūka I as) Asagao
「川端亭 霊岸島 あさがほ」 初代坂東しうか
p.251 #48.24
The Sanmonjiya Restaurant: (Actor Iwai Hanshirō V as) Sakura-hime
「三文字屋 桜ひめ」 五代目岩井半四郎
p.251 #48.21
The Kasshiya Restaurant: (Actor Matsumoto Kōshirō VI as) Sōroku
「甲子屋 隅田川真崎 惣ろく」 六代目松本幸四郎
p.251 #48.25
The Kiyomizurō Restaurant: (Actor Ichikawa Danjūrō VIII as) Kiyomizu Seigen
「清水楼 清水清玄 桜田代地之図」 八代目市川団十郎
p.251 #48.23
The Kōshūya Restaurant: (Actor Ichikawa Danjūrō VIII as) Takeda Katsuyori
「甲州屋 武田かつ頼」 八代目市川団十郎
p.251 #48.
The Kozakura Restaurant: (Actor Iwai Hanshirō VI as) Shirai Gonpachi
「小桜 白井ごん八」 六代目岩井半四郎
p.251 #48.
The Sakurai Restaurant: (Actor Ichikawa Kodanji IV as) Asakura Tōgo
「桜井 浅倉当吾」 四代目市川小団次
p.251 #48.29
The Sugisaka Restaurant: (Actor Bandō Mitsuemon as) Yatarō
「杉さか禰太郎」 坂東三津右衛門
p.251 #48.30
The Sumiya Restaurant: (Actor Morita Kan'ya XI as) Moronao
「隅屋 浅草広小路 師直」 十一代目森田勘弥
p.251 #48.31
The Sokarō Restaurant: (Actor Iwai Hanshirō VII as) Orie
「草か楼 おりゑ」 七代目岩井半四郎
p.251 #48.27
The Daishichinokashi Restaurant: (Actor Onoe Kikugorō III as) Kinugawa Yoemon
「大七の河岸 絹川与右衛門」 三代尾上菊五郎
p.251 #48.32
The Tagasode Restaurant: (Actor Iwai Kumesaburō III as) Yaoya Oshichi,
「たか袖 浅草蔵前 八百やお七」 三代目岩井粂三郎
p.251 #48.33
The Takisoba Restaurant: (Actor Bandō Takesaburō I [?] as) Iinuma Katsugorō
「滝そば 飯沼勝五郎」 初代坂東竹三郎ヵ
p.251 #48.34
The Tamashō Restaurant: (Actor Nakayama Bungorō II [?] as) Shōhei
「玉庄 隅田川山谷堀 庄兵衛」 二代目中山文五郎ヵ
p.251 #48.35
The Tamaya Restaurant (Actor Onoe Kikugorō III as) Tamaya Shinbei
「玉屋 玉屋新兵衛」 三代目尾上菊五郎
p.251 #48.36
The Chūshuntei Restaurant: (Actor Nakamura Utaemon IV as) Yuranosuke
「注春亭 由良之助」 四代目中村歌右衛門
p.251 #48.37
The Tomoeya Restaurant at Kameido: (Actor Bandō Shūka I as) Tomoe Gozen
「(亀戸巴屋) 巴御前」 初代坂東しうか
p.251 #48.38
The Toyoda Restaurant: (Actor Nakamura Utaemon IV as) Mashiba Hisayoshi
「豊田 真柴久吉」 四代目中村歌右衛門
p.251 #48.
The Nakakatsu Restaurant: (Actor Ichikawa Danjūrō VIII as) Yoshitaka
「中勝 義高」 八代市川団十郎
p.251 #48.39
The Hashimoto Restaurant: (Actor Iwai Kumesaburō III as) Ushiwakamaru
「橋もと(柳島) 牛若丸」 三代目岩井粂三郎
p.251 #48.13
The Ofuji Restaurant and the Furukawa River at Hiroo: (Actor Bandō Mitsugorō III as) Fox (Kitsune) Tadanobu
「尾藤 狐忠信」 三代目坂東三津五郎
p.251 #48.28
The Hyakusekirō Restaurant: (Actor Ichikawa Kodanji IV as) Nakamaro
「百尺楼 甚左衛門町 仲麿」 四代目市川小団次
p.251 #48.40
The Hirasei Restaurant: (Actor Nakamura Utaemon IV as) Taira no Kiyomori
「平清 深川土橋 平の清盛」 四代目中村歌右衛門
p.251 #48.41
The Fujiya Restaurant: (Actor Onoe Matsuroku I [?] as) Tsubone Iwafuji
「藤屋 局岩ふじ」 初代尾上松六ヵ
p.251 #48.42
The Futabatei Restaurant: (Actor Ichikawa Shinsha I as) Aoi no mae
「二葉亭 吉原土手下 葵の前」 初代市川新車
p.251 #48.43
The Hōraitei Restaurant: (Actor Nakamura Utaemon IV as) Urashima
「蓬莱亭 浦しま」 四代目中村歌右衛門
p.251 #48.
The Matsushigeya Restaurant: (Actor Nakamura Utaemon IV as) Sendō Matsuemon
「松望屋 船頭松右衛門」 四代目中村歌右衛門
p.251 #48.44
The Matsunozushi Restaurant: (Actor Iwai Kumesaburō III as) Osato, Daughter of the Sushi Store (Sushiya musume Osato)
「まつのすし すしや娘お里」 三代目岩井粂三郎
p.251 #48.45
The Mankyū Restaurant: (Actor Ichikawa Kodanji IV as) Hige no Ikyū
「東都高名会席尽 万久 髭の意休」 四代目市川小団次
p.251 #48.46
The Musashiya Restaurant: (Actor Arashi Kichisaburō III as) Benkei
「武蔵屋 州崎風景 弁慶」 三代目嵐吉三郎
p.251 #48.47
The Momokawarō Restaurant: (Actor Ichikawa Danjūrō VIII as) Ukiyo Inosuke
「百川楼 浮世伊之助」 八代目市川団十郎
p.251 #48.48
View of Nihon Embankment from the Small Window on the Upper Floor of the Yaozen Restaurant: (Actor Nakamura Utaemon IV as) Yaoya Hanbei
「八百善の二階小窓より日本堤ふし見はらし 八百屋半兵衛」 四代目中村歌右衛門
p.251 #48.49
The Yaohan Restaurant: (Actor Onoe Kikugorō II as) Ochiyo
「八百半 お千代」 二代目尾上菊五郎